JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO

History of the enterprise
JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO - the only specialized plant in Republic of Belarus on release of the professional metalwork replacement tool. In the presents time the plant makes more than 140 names of the manual tool intended for service of any kinds of transport and the equipment. Tens of modifications of sets which are necessary both in the industry and in life. History of Kobrin tool plant "SITOMO" is conducted since 1923. Since 1960 the enterprise specializes in release of wide scale of the metalwork replacement tool and industrial equipment. Today at plant 373 workers work: from them 40 heads, 54 experts, 2 employees and 264 workers, nonindustrial personnel – 13.

Only the branded tool has marking SITOMO BELARUS and a rhombus with the parties opened above.

In 1993 the new trademark is registered – two symbolical heads of a rozhkovy key connected in the form of the allocated Latin letter "S" that corresponded to a dictionary logo of the sign "SITOMO". "SITOMO" is initial letters from the words defining specialization of the enterprise: metalwork tool, industrial equipment, metal working.

Quality of production
The INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND STAR FOR QUALITY is awarded to Kobrin tool plant "SITOMO" as recognition of its high professional achievements of which fine quality of production is result.


In 2002 the factory quality system is certified, and in 2010 is confirmed on compliance to requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.

The enterprise has the equipment with ample technological capabilities on release of details and forgings from constructional and tool staly:
- Lines of hot volume stamping on the basis of krivoshipny goryacheshtampovochny press by effort of 1600 t. (forgings to 2,5 kg.);
- Lines of steam-air hammers weighing falling parts of 1000 kg, induction heaters, vertical rollers cross klinovoy rollings, cut press on which forgings to 1 kg are stamped.;
- By horizontally forging cars by effort to 250 t. (stamping of forgings of various degree of complexity);
- Metalworking equipment: milling, turning, grinders, machines with ChPU, electroerosive machines;
- Lines of electrodeposits, allowing to make galvanizing and chemical oxygenating.

The made production
The Kobrin tool plant "SITOMO" specializes in production of the metalwork replacement tool and industrial equipment.

Main directions of production:
- Keys are nut, face, tubular, hinged
- Hammers are construction, metalwork with square brisk,
- Shovels are assembly, insertions, chisels metalwork
- Flat-nose pliers, scissors for metal cutting
- Screw-drivers are metalwork and assembly, brands digital and alphabetic, devices for cutting of not screwed together nuts
- Sets of the driver's, automobile tool, sets "Plumber", "Electrician-cableman", "In total for the House"

SITOMO plant mastered production of details for connection of elements of hydraulic systems of a high pressure: squares, tees, crosspieces, collectors, and also semi-flanges for fastening of sleeves of a high pressure. All preparations for production of the specified details turn out by method of hot volume stamping. Besides, production of special heads for pneumo and elektrogaykovert, sledge hammers metalwork various weight is mastered (from 2 kg. to 10 kg.)

On JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO the new high-performance automatic transfer line of galvanizing of barabano-podvesochny type is put into operation. The line allows to make high-quality, brilliant galvanizing of metal surfaces of products with any set covering thickness.

Production in figures
Production of the enterprise is delivered to all areas of Republic of Belarus, and also for export.
Output for 2011 - 18 463 million rubles.
The volume of the shipped production for 2011 – 18 108,9 million rubles.
Export for 2011 in $-249,8 thousand
Balance of the external economic trade for 2011 – $193,1 thousand

Direction of export
The enterprise was reputable and got a large number of partners abroad. JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO successfully exports production to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO is interested in expansion of a dealer network and offers cooperation in distribution of production to all interested persons.

Cooperate with us, and you will not regret.

JSC Kobrin Tool Plant SITOMO 225305, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Proletarskaya St., 127

Reception - ph.: +375 (1642) 2-22-21
The deputy director for commercial questions - ph.: +375 (1642) 2-11-44
Department of marketing - ph.: +375 (1642) 2-13-12
Department of supply - ph.: +375 (1642) 2-11-75


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