LLC Omega Teks

Omega of Teks limited liability company

The LLC Omega Teks firm is founded in 1993 in the city of Kobrin. The main field of activity is production of glue pro-masonry materials on a woven and knitted basis; fabrics mixed, severe (karmanka, an outline, a basis under an imitation leather and an oilcloth, linings, fabrics for overalls) which find broad application in the clothing, shoe and textile industry. Production of LLC Omega Teks in Kobrin is organized on the basis of the modern import equipment with use of progressive technologies. At each stage of technological process the high level of quality control of production is provided.

The wide range of glue pro-masonry materials on fabric (mixed, cotton), a knitted basis with a regular dot and kalandrovo-dot glue covering. We use polyamide, polyethylene and etilenvinilatsetatny thermofusible powders which producers are well-known companies of Switzerland, Germany which allow to try to obtain quality and reliability when processing and further operation of pro-masonry material.

LLC Alpha Teks is subsidiary of LLC Omega Teks firm and has an exclusive right of sale of products which are turned out by this enterprise and purchases of the following types of raw materials:
- a thread the polyester textured pneumoconnected;
- the yarn is cotton;
- the yarn is polyester and cotton;
- coarse calico severe;
- the coarse calico bleached;
- powder polyamide;
- powder polyethylene;
- powder ethylene - vinylacetate.

Phones: +375 (1642) 2-52-34
Address: Republic of Belarus, 225306, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Pervomayskaya St., 137

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