JSC Grushevsky RMZ

Grushevsky Mechanical-repair Plant open joint stock company

Primary activities: welding production, mechanoprocessing, woodworking and sawmilling

The made production, services:
- elevators to GTS
- locks on GTS
- joiner's products
- products from wood
- sawing production
- KR of KPH-2.1 mowers
- a metalwork is welding

Additional information:
Grushevsky mechanical-repair plant began as the horse depot formed right after Grushevo's release from fascist aggressors. In December, 1953 the machine and tractor station is created. Since 1963 it is already repair and excavator workshops. In 1980 the enterprise was renamed in Grushevsky mechanical-repair plant, since January, 2001 — JSC Grushevsky RMZ.

Now Grushevsky RMZ one of the few plants in the CIS making production for needs of melioration. The enterprise is the only developer and the holder of specifications and the producer of production in the republic for meliorative branch: locks and elevators for hydromeliorative constructions which hold water.

At the moment production of the enterprise has in a sense a strategic importance. After implementation of the allied Melioration program passed more than 30 years, in the republic there are areas where to 80 percent of the processed lands — reclaimed. And only we are engaged in professional production of the equipment for reconstruction of hydromeliorative constructions.

Our RMZ delivers the production to all enterprises of Belmeliovodkhoz concern. Grushevsky of RMZ brought the contribution in reconstruction of several Belarusian mini-hydroelectric power stations, in equipment of the August channel, rowing channel in Zaslavle, and also in reconstruction of mini-hydroelectric power station in Baltic. Besides production of the meliorative equipment Grushevsky mechanical-repair plant is engaged in production of a construction metalwork and details from a tree, combined designs, joiner's products (windows, doors, a board for a floor). The woodworking occupies about 25 percent from outputs.

The rest — mechanoprocessing and welding production. We make coppers, gas flues, flues, tanks, disconnectors and pipes for boiler rooms, water towers (including warmed) and other non-standard equipment. By the way, thanks to release of such single equipment the enterprise also survived in heavy time of the beginning of the 90th years when orders for meliorative products were not.

The enterprise actively conducts modernization. Only for the first half of the year 90 million rubles are spent for acquisition of the new equipment. The welding shop is equipped with a plasmatron. Plasma cutting allowed to improve several times quality of welding works and to reduce electricity consumption and all accompanying materials half. Powerful welding transformers are replaced with new semiautomatic devices of Oliver firm at which rated power makes 15 kilowatts. Besides, there is a modernization of the available equipment which is handed over in repair to specialized firm in Minsk. With purchase of the American airless painting device the economy of paint makes 5 — 7 percent. At the enterprise 96 people work.

Phones: 375 (1642) 6-54-30

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225885, Brest region, Kobrin district, of Grushevo



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