JSC Kobrin Cannery

Kobrin Cannery open joint stock company
The producer of fruit and vegetable canned food, juice, tomato sauces, juice with pulp.

The made production, services:
- lunch canned food (Russian cabbage soup, borsch, rassolnik, beetroot soup)
- canned food from haricot
- marinades
- salads
- snack, seasonings
- jam, jam, jams
- fruit juice
- tomato sauce
- juice
- beet, carrots garnish, marinated
- tinned green peas

Additional information:
In 1997 the state enterprise "Kobrin Cannery" acquired the status of public joint stock company.

Main types of the made production:
· canned food vegetable (specific weight in a total amount – 75,5%)
· fruit (14,9%)
· tomato (9,6%)

The enterprise develops more than 97 names of this production and in particular is engaged in processing of highly profitable culture - green peas. In 2003 the second line of production of canned food "Tinned Green Peas" with the floatation jet washer and a cooler of peas of new generation is established and started up in operation.

For release of competitive production by the enterprise the processing equipment for flood and packing of juice in bottles of Euro a sample with packing as TWIST OFF with a capacity of 1 l is installed. The enterprise prepares and buys wild-growing plants, mushrooms, technical and medicinal raw materials of a phytogenesis for industrial processing.

Phones: 375(1642)2-29-89, fax. 2-28-00

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225306, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Lenin St., 62

E-mail: JSC


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