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Beet salad with spirgutisy

Way of preparation

0,5 l of largely polished beet, 0,5 glasses of a spirgutis, 0,5 glasses of vegetable oil, 2 bulbs, pepper, salt, 1 teaspoon of lemon acid, 1 — 2 teaspoons of wheat flour.

Onions to clear, cut rings and to fry in vegetable oil. To lay out the fried onions in a bowl, to add beet, lemon acid, pepper, salt and to mix everything. To lay out mix in a salad bowl and to strew from above spirgutisy. To this salad serve potatoes cooked in a peel.

Spirgutis do of hempy seeds. To pour out the pure seeds cleared of a peel on a frying pan and to fry. Then to pound or 2 times to pass via the meat grinder with a frequent lattice.

Again to put the received weight on a frying pan, to add the cut or polished onions, flour, to pour salt, pepper to taste and, stirring slowly, to fry. Spirgutis it is possible to store in the refrigerator of 8 — 9 days. Taste does not change. Gas station is added to dishes for taste, used at preparation of some sandwiches, a kastinisa (a butter dish with various additives).

Instead of hempy gas station it is possible to use Linen — the spirgena who is trained from the cleared linen seeds. Way of preparation same. To Spirgina possesses more gentle taste, than spirgutis. Eat as well as spirgutis. Instead of onion it is possible to add garlic.  

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