Culture of Kobrin district

KUKP "Kobrin Regional Film Video Network"

The municipal unitary film spectacular enterprise "Kobrin Regional Film Video Network" is a Raduga movie theater with two auditoriums equipped with the sound intensifying Dolby-stereo system and 1 autovideo recursor. Main objectives of activity of the enterprise are: service by film video display of the audience of the city and area, rendering paid services in hire of DVD, carrying out film video lecture halls.

At Raduga movie theater except demonstration of premier domestic, Russian and foreign movies video lecture halls will constantly be organized:

- On history and culture of the Republic of Belarus - "Belarus: history and present";
- To the state symbolics of Republic of Belarus - "I am a citizen of Republic of Belarus";
- To military patriotic education "We remember, we are proud, we inherit...";
- To prevention of offenses, road and transport traumatism, fire safety "Public safety - business of all and everyone";
- Dangerous diseases (drug addiction, AIDS, alcoholism - "Danger nearby");
- To promotion of a healthy lifestyle, sport and tourism - "Culture of the personality and a healthy lifestyle";
- "Family. Health. Morality";

We invite you to visit 5D of cinema!

5D-attraction - a new, interesting type of entertainment. 5D — a new level of development of the known 3D format. The volume image in combination with a mobile platform, splashes, wind in the hall and powerful acoustics allows to feel in completeness unprecedented before as part of the events in cinema. Come to a session the effect of presence blowing the mind is guaranteed! Unique ultradynamic show in a flash will transfer you to the world of virtual reality.

Contact information

Phone of cash desk: +375(1642)2-38-06.
Address: Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Pushkin St., 18.
Phone: +375(1642)2-38-06.

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