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Cultural life of Kobrin district

Model drama school "Ritm"

* Model drama school "Ritm"

In studio children who understand that theater – the fine tool for development of an inner world of people, his imagination, will power, backbone play. Statements of theater – result of team creativity when everyone brings a part of the individual vision, typicalness and unique charm in scenic action.

In the course of preparation of performances all conditions for creative development of the child are created: children are given an opportunity to try as the actor, the director and the screenwriter. Children prepare sketches of suits for the hero, the drawing children – work on scenery, children with dancing abilities – compose dancing part of a performance, owning musical instruments – accompany actors, the studied elements of sewing business – make suits. And all understand that theater – creativity command, and each creative idea always joins in scenic action.

The studio is organized in 1977. The rank "exemplary" is given in 1987. Heads of collective at a former stage: Naumova R. V., Yarmoshuk N. P., Bokatyuk I. I., Kirilyuk V. N. Since 2013 the head — Tatyana Grigoryevna Dryk, the graduate of Belorusky State university of culture and arts. Model drama school "Ritm" – the repeated student of a regional festival of amateur theater "Theatrical Polesia". 



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