Memorable places in the area: Hidra

Sacred St. John the Baptist Church

In the center of the village opposite to sport center forces of inhabitants with assistance of APO Voskhodyashchaya zarya constructed beautiful Sacred St. John the Baptist Church. The long dream of locals was solved, earlier they went to service to the neighboring villages. The church decorates the village, is constructed for ages. Considering that Hidra are not so far from Kobrin, have the status of the agrotown at inhabitants Hidr big prospects. Therefore the new church is necessary very opportunely.

Photo: Alexey Vashchuk

Contact information

Address: 225875, Kobrin district, of Hidra Trudovaya, 2. Ph. +375 (1642)3-13-84
Prior: Priest Bonifatyev Andrey Georgiyevich.

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