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Sacred and Nikolaev church

Sacred St. Nicholas Church is constructed in the 2nd half of the 19th century of a tree. Has the traditional tryorchastny volume and spatial composition including the main volume finished by a bulbous glavka, rectangular to an adder and a tent belltower over an antechurch. In an architectural decor of the building triangular pediments, a vertical and horizontal covering are used by boards. Church - a monument of traditional wooden cult architecture with classicism elements.

On November 4, 2013 125 years from the date of consecration of St. Nicholas Church of the village of Verkholesye of Kobrin district were executed.

PS. Preosvyashchenneyshy Ioann the Bishop of Brest and Kobrin served the Divine Liturgy in St. Nicholas Church of the village of Verkholesye of Kobrin district. His Preosvyashchenstva was served: Secretary of the Brest diocesan management, prior of St. Nicholas Church of Brest archpriest Pyotr Romanovich, Decent churches of the Kobrin district archpriest Bogdan Homa, prior of the temple priest Valery Zaruba, and also clergy Kobrin, Pruzhansky, Maloritsky and Brest regional deaneries.

After the Liturgy Religious procession around the temple was made. The lord Ioann congratulated the father of the prior and parishioners on the 125 anniversary from the date of consecration of the temple, then blessed all attendees with the Cross.

PS and Photos are taken from the website the Press service of the diocese


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