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Sacred Church of the Assumption

Sacred Church of the Assumption is located on the suburb of the village. It is constructed in 1872 of a brick. The temple consists of the main cubic volume covered with a flat chetyryokhskatny roof with a small dome on the octahedral light neck adjoining the main volume of a semicircular apse with a vestry, the located tyrant from an apse, an antechurch refectory. Over an antechurch the two-story octahedral belltower dominating in temple composition, on covered by a tent with a glavka on an octahedral narrow neck towers. An apse and a refectory on height below the main volume, a vestry - lower. The planes of facades are cut through by semi-circular window openings with platbands, decorated with arkaturny belts. Semi-circular portals of the main thing and lateral entrances are framed with the decorative triangular pro-thinned-out sandrika and flat shovels. In an interior - podshivny a ceiling. Church - a monument of architecture of the pseudo-Russian direction in eclecticism.

It is entered in the list of historical and cultural values of RB (1872)


Photo: Quail Century.

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Address: 225830, Kobrin district, village of Tevli
Phone: +375 (1642) 3-48-34

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