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"Suvorov" stone

On the way to park the "Suvorov" stone lies. On it, according to the legend, A. V. Suvorov liked to sizhivat. About a "Suvorov" stone there is also other information. The researcher V. A. Alekseev in the work "Suvorov in Kobrin" writes: "In the city Suvorov visited the Peter and Paul church and had often a rest on the big stone lying in the basis of an old belltower". This stone nicknamed "Suvorov". At repair of church and a belltower in 1862-1864 this stone was left in inviolability.

Already there is no answer to a question, "Suvorov", what of stones. Probably, it not so is important because "remember" the great commander a house museum, a pond and lindens in park, each small street, each stone in our city. Modern period. In two and a half centuries the park changed, got prettier, became a nature sanctuary and landscape gardening art.


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