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LLC Strausinoye rancho

In a picturesque corner near Kobrin the farm on which breed a bird, exotic for our places, - ostriches is located. The main activity of a farm is the full cycle of cultivation of an elite livestock of a black African ostrich, including incubation of eggs, cultivation of young growth, sale of the created polovozrely families. The ostrich's farm is located in the environmentally friendly region, for feeding of ostriches use only qualitative environmentally friendly and natural forages, the majority of which own production. Under agricultural grounds more than 40 hectares are taken away.

The area directly of a farm where the complex of structures and ostriches shelters is located, makes 9,5 hectares. And, all structures are designed and built for cultivation of ostriches, taking into account more 150th summer international experience and practices of many generations of strausovod. Thus the farm meets all international standards and the requirements. Design capacity of an ostrich's farm makes 1000 heads a year. Now not to a farm there are all age categories of ostriches.


Kinds of activity and services of LLC Strausinoye rancho

1. Baby birds from elite families (aged from 1 till 10 months)
2. Incubatory eggs. (65 c.u. for 1 piece) upon purchase more than 100 eggs 3 eggs as a gift.
3. Food eggs
4. Created elite to seven (1 male and 2 females)
5. Meat of an ostrich of a deep freezing
6. Ostrich's fat
7. Cosmetics on the basis of ostrich's fat
8. Carrying out corporate actions in Safari cafe
9. Sale of products from ostrich's skin, a feather and also souvenirs of handwork
10. Rendering excursion services (including photo and video filming)

Time of visit of a farm: from 10-00 till 19-00 without days off and a break.

Contact information

Address: Brest Region, Kobrin district, of Kozishche
Phone:  +375(29)631-63-16; +375(29)725-20-00; +375(1642) 7-32-21; +375(1642) 7-32-25

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