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Village of Lelikovo
Lelikovo — the village in Kobrin district of the Brest region Belarus on the southeast coast of the Terebovichsky channel on border with Ukraine in 47 km from Kobrin and 97 km from Brest. Is a part of the Divinsky Village Council.

It is for the first time mentioned in 1546 as the village of Lolikovtsa in structure of the Divinsky volost of the Beresteysky povet of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
Since 1569 the part of speech Pospolita, was included into Ratnensky povt Kingdoms Polish. Since 1774 — a manor as a part of the Holmsky earth of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
Since 1795 part of the Kovelsky County of the Russian Empire, since 1883 — the center of the Lelikovsky volost, in the Ratnensky police district. Nearby was folvark Bykovsky with the same name. In the village there was a Catholic chapel of the Ratnensky parafiya.
In 1921 — 1926 the center of a gmina as a part of the Kamen-Kashirsky povet of the Polesia voivodeship of the II Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from 1926 to 1939 — the Kobrin povet. In the village there were 157 houses, 744 inhabitants. In total in the gmena — 136 settlements, 10 372 inhabitants. In the 1930th years in the village the school, an evening school, a reading room and a theatrical circle worked.
In 1939 the village is included in structure of BSSR. Since January 15, 1940 in Divinsky district of the Brest region, from October 12, 1940 to July 16, 1954 — the center of the Lelikovsky Village Council, then as a part of Povitsky, the Divinsky (1970) Village Councils, since August 8, 1959 in Kobrin district.
In 1940 in the village of 266 yards, 1294 inhabitants, incomplete average and initial schools, shop, the house reading room, post office, the Village Council (with phone), a first-aid post, fire depot, sites of forestry and logging enterprise worked. In the territory of the Village Council there were 4 settlements, 378 yards, 1489 inhabitants.
In days of the Great Patriotic War, according to the Soviet Belarus newspaper, in the village "committed excesses" and "the Ukrainian nationalists of OUN unitary enterprise from the neighboring Ukrainian village of Somari hunted for people". On fronts of war 43 lelikovets in memory of whom in the center the monument on which surnames of all residents of the village who did not come back from fronts of the Great Patriotic War are written was established to the village in 1965 died.
In 1949 from 60 farms the collective farm "Red star" was created. On census of 1959, 960 inhabitants, in 1970 — 1084 inhabitants lived in the village, the board of collective farm worked.
In 1999 in the village there were 354 farms, 1064 inhabitants, the center of collective farm "Red star". The shop, health post, Recreation center, library, high school, post office worked.

Famous natives
A native of the village is the large Novosibirsk businessman, the head of the Belarusian cultural and educational center for the sake of Saint Euphrosyne of Polatsk in Novosibirsk, the patron Ivan Panasyuk. In 2007 on its private means in the village the tennis court was constructed. The main condition of the patron was the fact that use of court has to be free. Even in the absence of the stock the player will be given rackets and balls. The payment and for use of locker rooms and the automobile parking is not raised. Besides, on August 28, 2003 on money of the businessman celebration of the 460 anniversary of the village with participation of musical collective "Pesniary" was organized. The Bishop of Brest and Kobrin Ioann took part in celebration.

Opening of court not only for the village, but also for Kobrin district in general an event extraordinary as in the regional center of a sports construction there is no similar level, and in Lelikovo the court is constructed according to the international standards.

The Belarusian association of tennis already became interested in a new sports construction. Really very high-class Lelikovsky court therefore the decision on creation of Kobrin regional federation of tennis is made.

Church for the sake of the Saint great martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki

Address: 225878 Brestskaya voblasts, Kobrynsk_ of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, century Lel_kava
Diocese: Brest
Deanery: Kobrinskoye
Architect: nevyadoma
Type of construction: originally orthodox building (construction)
Temple typology: rural parish temple
Condition of the Temple: works
Town-planning decision: parish complex
Construction material of walls: wooden
Century of the end of construction: 17

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