Swan fidelity

In Kobrin there are also other old sculptures. The commander Suvorov, for example, or the well-known eagle with a laurel wreath near Sacred Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. But as all of them are connected with the mother history, and did not change the place of the registration and hardly in the near future will change. As for girls with oars and other Soviet plaster art, in the city of it you will not find. Something "communicated" and is utilized as not subject to restoration, something was cleaned just because outside the XXI century.

It is remembered, in the territory of a gymnasium quite recently (in recent last SSh No. 5), "looking" at Pushkin Street in Kobrin, there were two figures on pedestals – the boy bugler and the girl in a pioneer tie. In principle, anything special in art execution, usual composition in the spirit of "Goma sovetikus". But the kobrinchena, and especially studying this school, got used to such peculiar greetings from the past. There are sculptures, disturb nobody and even to some extent lighten mood the vigorous pioneer readiness. People around so got used to these "children" that nobody noticed how once pioneers … disappeared. It appeared, the reason for this purpose was very much even weighty. The matter is that unknown vandals so "worked" over sculptures that even experts could not restore broken.

And nevertheless there are in Kobrin Soviet sculptural "antiques". In city park of Suvorov the curious group – the kissing swan couple the size from the adult remained. Birds fitted into park surroundings very much even harmoniously: stiffened on a small slope in the shadow of old trees, under them – an old pond. And right there the bridge on which handrail tiny models of guns settled down. The idyllic plot literally attracts to itself local lovers.

To learn who is the author of a prolonged swan kiss, did not turn out, information got lost somewhere in old papers. And with age birds too a cock-a-hoop, but the fact that they "lodged" in park very long time ago, absolutely precisely. At least there are eyewitnesses confirming that in the sixties the last century swans here already were.

What is interesting: in park enough the modern nice and original small architectural forms made in different equipment and of various material. But citizens and guests of the regional center like to pose for a picture for memory against or embracing these swans. Whether the past attracts (after all other century), whether the legendary fidelity attributed to these winged.

Elena Zhuk, "WB"


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