Memorable places in the area: Cudgels

Bust to Sergey Mironovich Kirov

The bust to Sergey Mironovich Kirov (1886 — 1934) is in the center of the village of the Cudgel. Sergey Mironovich Kirov became history as the state and political figure, the participant of many revolutionary events of the time. Was born in the city of Urzhum of the Vyatka province, studied in Kazan where graduated from Technical school, then went to Tomsk where continued education at Institute of technology. Went to revolution and in 1905 it was arrested. But, having been released, again began to participate in revolutionary fight. After February revolution S. M. Kirov in Vladikavkaz actively participated in creation of Council of working and soldier's deputies, and in the fall of 1917 it already — the deputy of the II congress of Councils, participates in October armed revolt and in development of the first decrees of the Soviet power. Having returned to the Caucasus, S. M. Kirov fought for establishment of the Soviet power in the North Caucasus and directed creation of the Mountain Autonomous Soviet republic. From the 12th congress of RCP(b) it was steadily elected the member of the Central Committee of Party.

On February 7, 1926 S. M. Kirov arrived to Leningrad. It was a new stage in life of Kirov. 9 years he headed the Leningrad party organization, and exactly here, in Leningrad, his talent as party and the statesman of all-union scale was especially brightly shown. Resolving the main issues of industrialization and a reorganization of agriculture, S. M. Kirov did not forget also about cultural construction. Never Leningrad, as was so beautiful at the time of the management of Kirov. Never our Kronstadt, as was so surrounded with attention at the time of S. M. Kirov. Those years Kronstadt was not only the fortress, but also the main base of the Baltic Fleet, the main military port.

Kirov was killed on December 1, 1934. Circumstances of this accident are still finally not found out. But not in it business. S. M. Kirov's death was heavy fatal loss for Leningrad. Before the Great Patriotic War remained very little — only six years. And as if experience, ability to direct and understanding of features of the moment which it had fully were useful to defenders of Leningrad.

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