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Kurganny burial ground

The Kurganny burial ground is to the southwest villages. 2 embankments 1,1 m high, with a diameter of 15 m. M. A. Tkachyov opened and surveyed in 1970. Excavation was not carried out.

Reference information. Barrow is the funeral construction which surely have two parts: external, noticeable on a surface, and internal. Both the external, and internal device of barrows is very various. Externally barrows can have an appearance of earth hills of the different sizes, can be put from stones or the earth and stones. They differ and architecturally: can have the flat embankment which blurred at the basis and abrupt; asymmetric in a profile; cooler one party and flat opposite; embankments with a ditch around; can be fenced with a ring or rectangular stone fencing, with big stone columns on corners. Depending on the sizes and the device of barrows various methods of excavation are applied to them.

Excavation of barrows consists of two main consecutive stages: researches of an embankment of a barrow and podkurganny burials. Starting research of external part of a barrow, embankment, it is necessary to remember that any barrow is a peculiar architectural construction of antiquity and it should be investigated as a construction, tracing features and sequence of its creation.

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