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Sacred and Paraskevinsky church

Documentary the first Bolotsky church is mentioned under 1652. In 1882 on the place of this old church constructed new wooden in honor of Venerable Paraskevy Serbskoy. Construction was conducted on the project of the architect F. Afanasyev made in 1880.

In 1879 villagers collected 694 rub and the treasury spent 305 rub for construction of new church on the place of the old temple. The local landowner A. M. Gunn offered forest material and iron on a roof. In 1882 the new church on the project made in 1880 by the civil engineer F. Afanasyev is constructed. Construction of the temple was carried out the peasant V. Garbuzov with the family and locals without hired workers; works were watched by the junior architect Zolotarev. The building of ready church was examined on October 13, 1885.

The monument has lines of style of classicism, the volume and spatial composition of church includes cubical the central volume with lukovitsepodobny a dome over abrupt a 4-skatny roof, a rectangular apse with lateral vestries and a 3-level belltower. The central and 2nd lateral entrances are allocated respectively with the 6 and 4 portico under 2-inclined roofs. Facades are trimmed by the pro-thinned-out eaves, platbands of windows, horizontal and vertical walls. Inside an apse it is allocated wooden 3-level with the iconostasis created in 1885 on the project of the civil engineer A. Remer. Icons of the 18-19th century have art value. "venerable Mother of Paraskev Pyatnitskaya", "Nicholas The Wonderworker", "Christmas", "Jesus Christ", "Cathedral of the Mother of God", "Archdeacon Stefan", "Prelate", book "Gospel" (1780).

From history of establishment of a holiday. Venerable Paraskeva Serbskaya was born in the rich and pious Bulgarian family living in the 11th century in the settlement of Epivat between Silistriya and Constantinople. Once, as an arrow, the words of the Lord heard behind Church service pierced her heart: "Izhe hoshcht on Me to go and otverzhtsya to himself" (Mf. 16, 24). Since then she began to distribute the clothes to beggars for what she suffered a lot of chagrin of the family. On death of parents sacred was tonsured in a monkhood and was removed to the Jordanian valley where nicely was active to extreme old age.

After death of the father Paraskev left the house together with the brother, the prelate Evfimy, aspiring to selfless life. In the beginning it went to Constantinople, and then to the Jordanian desert where was active about advanced years. The angel was her and enjoined to come back home. Her brother who lived thirty years in monastic calm became Maditos's bishop by this time; and at the end of life they together worked about the Lord. Relics venerable Paraskev are in Romania. Thousands of people gather in day of celebration of her memory. In Belgrade the holy well hitherto bringing much healing remained. Myrrh-pouring relics of her brother are not becoming scanty source and up to now.

Days of memory: August 30 (Serbian.), October 14. It is entered in the list of historical and cultural values of RB (1879)


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