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Memorable places in the area: Big Lepesa

Memorial sign to Dmitry Falkovsky

The memorial sign Was opened for Dmitry Falkovsky in 1998 in the village Big Lepesa (Kobrin district of the Brest region) by efforts of members of the Prosv_ta organization of Kobrin, Brest and Malorita. Also in his honor the street on which there was a native home of the poet was called.

Memorial sign - stone Stella on a pedestal with beds for flowers. The portrait of the poet and an inscription is applied on Stella:

"Here having arisen with ukra§nskiya Dmitro Falk_vsky (Levchuk) sings
9 zhovtnya 1898 - stracheniye at grudn_ 1934
V_d of fellows villager і Prosv_t's tovaristvo of m Kobrin і Malorita
Ocheret men_ buv for a koliska,
In bogs I having been born і zr_s.
I love the hut to a pol_sk...
I love sv_y zazhureniye l_s..."
After the quote - the image of the autograph of the poet.


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