Building of the former Kobrin bank

The building of the former Kobrin bank is on the well-known central square of the city. Since ancient times the area officially was called Castle, however inhabitants called its Bank. The area adjoins Mukhavts's coast where earlier Nizhny Novgorod the lock was located. Later the city magistrate and a town hall was placed. Popular and quite hardy name of all area was "Lock" though the lock did not exist any more. In the 18th century the area was called Senna, and then Commandant's. In the sixties the XIX Art. on part it erected an orthodox cathedral, and in 1912 near it the building of loan noble bank is built. Perhaps therefore inhabitants and all area called Bank. The building bears architectural value, is executed in classical style with classicism elements. Now the building is transferred to the Kobrin REGISTRY OFFICE


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Address: Mr. Kobrin, Zamkovaya square, 1.
Phone: +375 (1642) 2-11-58

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