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Children's rehabilitation - the improving Ear center

Children's rehabilitation - the improving Ear center is located in the territory of the Brest region of Kobrin district. The center is in a pinery. In 300 m the river Mukhavets flows. In the territory of the center the birch, an oak, a mountain ash, an aspen grow.

General information:
Year of foundation - 2004
Category by results of certification: second (improving)
Number of rooms - 632 beds
The area of the territory - 7.0 hectares
Protection of the territory: the territory is fenced with a fence, is protected by sentry protection of sanatorium
Children's rehabilitation - the improving Ear center is at distance: Mr. Kobrin - 6.5km, Mr. Zhabinka - 17.7km, Brest - 32.2km, Minsk - 300 km,
Geographical coordinates - 52 °11.697' N, 24 °13.197' of E
Schedule of work of administrative and services on duty:
Administration: 08:00 - 16:30, days off: Saturday, Sunday (dining room club)
Registry: 08:00 - 16:30, days off: Saturday, Sunday (medical case)
Post of the duty nurse: Round the clock, without days off (the sleeping case No. 1, the sleeping case No. 2)

Sleeping case No. 1
Sleeping case No. 2
Sleeping case No. 3
Medical case
Medical and improving case
Dining room club
Administr. case
Leisure case
Guest lodge (cottage)
Sleeping cases No. 47-51

Medical profile
1. All-therapeutic

Natural medical factors:
main methods of a climatotherapy (klimato-weather factors),
used with the treatment-and-prophylactic purpose:
aero phytotherapy

Mud cure:
Are applied to mud cure:
sapropelic therapeutic muds of the lake Wild of Dyatlovsky district of the Grodno region (fresh-water, pH = 7,4)

Dirt is applied in a look:
galvanogryazevy procedures

The medical and diagnostic base (medical offices and the equipment) is located in the building(s): sleeping case No. 3, medical case, medical and improving case.

Medical diagnostic base:
ultrasonic diagnostics (device "Aloka")

Methods of functional diagnostics:
ultrasonography – diagnostics

Medical base:
aromatherapy (phytothrone "Aeromed")
boxing is hydromassage
bathtub dry carbonic (Reabox installation, 2 pieces)
bathtubs vortex (for the lower extremities)
bathtubs are hydromassage
bathtubs are pearl
bathtubs the general (bathtubs medical "Aquadelicia-3" (7 units))
halotherapy (device "Aeromed")
mud cure (peloidoterapiya) (application)
shower medical (ascending, circular)
shower massage underwater (bathtubs of "Aquadelicia-3")
inhalations (aerozolterapiya)
office of psychological unloading
compression therapy (device "Lympha-mat")
cryotherapy (local, device "Kryotur 600")
laser therapy (office of "Milt")
physiotherapy exercises (LFK) (racetracks, exercise bikes, boats, multipurpose devices)
magnetotherapy (devices "Unispok", "Ortospok" (6 units))
massage hardware (massage chair of "ArmStrong")
massage contactless (bathtub hydromassage "Wellsystem Medical")
massage manual (couches (5 units))
ozokerito-parafinolecheniye (couches (7 units))
procedural office
rehabilitation capsule (SPA capsule)
the sauna is infrared
phototherapy (device "Bioptron", KUF)
stomatology (Chirana installation (2 units))
gym (15 exercise machines (exercise bike, racetrack, power simulators, etc.))
uvch-therapy (device "UVCh — 30")
phytotherapy (grass collecting (6 types))
electromud cure (galvanogryazelecheny) (devices "Refton")
electrotreatment (devices "Termotur", "Refton", "UZT-101")

Contact information

Marketing specialist:
Phone/fax: +375 29 1642 78-5-01
Mobile phone: +375 29 22 80 871

Phone/fax: +375 29 1642 78-5-26

Postal address:
225861, Republic of Belarus,
Brest region, Kobrin district. Sand-2

To attention of Muscovites!
In Moscow you can consult and acquire permits in the improving center in the travel agency of "Elite rounds" located on Barclay St., the 13th structure 1 and by phones (499) 148 78 60, (495)225-99-09

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