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Agroestate "Polesia Traditions"

Idea of creation of the agroestate "Polesia Traditions" – to keep a corner of the Belarusian traditional culture of the middle of Hkhvek. For accommodation of guests the wooden lodge in which two bedrooms and a modern bathroom hospitably opens the doors. Warms a lodge the Russian furnace with a stove bench where with participation of guests we will bake pies, sausage or potato. In a lodge interior in the Belarusian color furniture, objects of the labor and life of peasants, a set of embroideries, polovichka. In an outer entrance hall an electric kettle, a microwave. On the shelf guests will find books for orthodox Christians in a bedroom and other literature.

For big pleasure of children in the yard a children's playground with a sandbox, a twig, a hill, a tent and a children's well. Behind good herbal tea with company pancakes owners will tell you about life in the village, about interesting people and will sing ancient folklore songs. Guests of the agroestate "Polesia Traditions" with pleasure organize photoshoots in ancient clothes.

Having stopped at us on the estate you can visit the Brest fortress (50 km), Bialowieza Forest (60 km), an ostrich's farm (20 km) an aquapark and A. Suvorov's museum in to Kobrina. In a warm season owners can take you bogs of the wildlife area of "Zvanets". On the road you will pass via the ferry, on old villages, and derive pleasure from communication with their wise inhabitants.

At guests and tourists of the agroestate "Polesia Traditions" the banquet room on 50 seats and the platform for dances uses a particular interest. It represents analog of a big rural hut with a fireplace and a plate where in the presence of guests potato cooks, sizzles fat on a frying pan and shish kebabs are fried. In the winter there warmly, during a heat - it is cool. In a corridor 2 bathrooms, in the hall the good musical equipment, TV, DVD, a karaoke. For music of holidays it is invited different musical ensembles and folklore groups. Having had a rest at us at a party, you will have feeling that you were at a rich rural wedding where the atmosphere of the real VYaSELLYa, and on a table - homemade food (the Belarusian ethnic cuisine).

To touch culture of the Belarusian Polesia, to learn traditions, folklore, kitchen, life there came guests from Israel, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, America, China and our Belarusians.

The good mood and positive responses of guests inspire us on further creative searches and their introduction in development of the agroestate.

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Address: Tsentralnaya St., 15, of Andronovo, Kobrin district, Brest region
Phones: +375(1642)4-90-11, +375(1642)7-42-01, +375(29)209-60-15
Number of places: 11

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