Kobrin district: village councils

Hidrinsky village council

The center – of Hidra. The area of the Village Council makes 153 sq.km where three enterprises of agro-industrial complex, one construction organization and 1869 personal subsidiary farms are located. The number of settlements – nineteen:. Gadflies, of Ostrovlyana, of Gaykovk, of Zabuzhki, Izabelin, of Katasha, of Korchitsa, of Lyakhchitsa, of Mazura, of Novosadki, of Patriki. Sand, of Petki. Flat. Brace bits, of Sukhovchitsa, of Ushkovits, of Hidra, of Yagolki.

The Hidrinsky village council is located in the western part of Kobrin district. Borders on Novoselkovsky, Divinsky, Kiselevetsky, Batchinsky village councils and Zhabinkovsky district. In northern part the territory adjoins the line Mr. Kobrina.

Emergence history

The decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of BSSR of 12.10.1940 "About formation of city, village and settlement Councils in the territory of Kobrin district formed 13 village councils including Hidrinsky and Peskovsky. Resolution of bureau of the Brest regional committee of KP(b)B and Brest regional executive committee "About Formation of the Village Councils on Kobrin District" on July 5, 1940. Decided: 1. To approve the resolution of Kobrin RK KP (b) B and district executive committee on formation of the following Village Councils:

The Hidrinsky Village Council with an administrative center in the village of Hidra as a part of villages: Hidra, Katasha, Tops, Shmata, Krushnoye, Yagolki, Borisovo; farms: Hidra, Petki, Nesterovo, Kodilnits, Zadernovo, the Province 1 and 2, former a folvarka Calm and the villages of Gaykovka and Gadflies departing from the Verkholessky Village Council of Divinsky district. The Peskovsky Village Council with an administrative center in the village Sand as a part of villages: Sand, Brace bits, Zabuzhki, Mazuri, Ostrovlyana, Ushkovichi, Podostrovtsa, former manors: Sukhovchitsa, Brace bit, Patriki 1,2,3 and 4, road box of the Brace bit.

In July, 1944 executive committees of village councils resumed the activity. The chairman mi village councils were the first: Peskovsky – Shimuk Victor Stepanovich and Hidrinsky - Popelsky Mikhail Ivanovich. The Peskovsky Village Council is united by the decree of Presidium of the Supreme Council of BSSR of July 16, 1954 with Hidrinsky in one Petkovsky and the chairman of village council was elected and Ignatyuk Pavel Karpovich the resident of the village of Katasha of Kobrin district worked till 1992.

On December 17, 1972, in connection with integration (to the Village Council were the part of the villages of Novoselkovsky of village council is attached) the Petkovsky village council is renamed into Hidrinsky with an administrative center in the village of Hidra.

Environment and resources

The territory of Hidrinsky village council is located in the western part of Polesia Lowland. The tectonic structure is caused by placement in the west of an ancient East European platform. Here 2 structural layers are allocated: the crystal base archaean seredneproterozoyskogo age, lying at a depth of 0.8 km. and a sedimentary cover which includes deposits from the top Proterozoic to an anthropogene. The relief is flat, with boggy sites. The most sublime part of the territory - the vzkholmleny plain at of Katasha.

The climate is characterized as moderate and continental unstable damp. Summer - warm, winter - soft, with unstable snow cover. The greatest impact on climate is exerted by air masses with the western transfer from the Atlantic Ocean, smaller the continental, strengthening contrasts of temperatures. To a lesser extent effect of tropical and Arctic air masses comes to light. Alternation of different air masses, cyclones and anti-cyclones has the leading role of unstable. Average monthly temperature of July - 18.0 °C, January - 4.4 °C, an amount of precipitation of 550 mm. in a year.

Across the territory of village council the river Mukhavets and its left inflows - Trostyanits's rivers and the canal of the Check which is the oldest known meliorative object of Belarus, and also the Cossack channel, which about flows. Flat connects to the channel of the Check.

"At the beginning of the 16th century land reclamation of the Brest region began with construction of the channel of the Check. The Pyamyatny sign is established to the 60th anniversary of association BRESTMELIOBODHOZ, May, 2001"

There are no natural lakes in the territory of village council. There are artificial reservoirs: Katasha's lake is in forest area near of Katasha and Kobrinchan is the favourite vacation spot.

The most widespread soils are cespitose and podsolic, sandy and sandy and cespitose and podsolic gley. Soils are characterized by very low fertility that is connected with poverty of elements for food of plants.

The forests located in the territory of village council belong to the Bolotsky and Verkholesky forest area. Forests small on the area. The big areas are occupied with artificial plantings, the main breed - a pine. Also there are oak groves, but the small-leaved woods of the mixed type meet more often. Natural meadows meet in forests, in other territory of a meadow cultivated, are used as haymakings and pastures. The specific structure of fauna is typical for Kobrin district: roes, boars, hares, proteins, etc. On the Cossack channel and the channel Bona lives population of beavers whose number increases every year.


Total number of the population for May 27, 2013 made 4909 people. In gender and age structure the female population - 2481 women on 2428 men prevails, but it is insignificant. The population on age as follows was distributed. More young than able-bodied - 953 or 19.4%, able-bodied - 2899 or 59%, are more senior than able-bodied 1057 or 21.6%. As Belarusians of consider 3581 persons, Ukrainians 658, Russian 202, Poles 17, Jews 1, etc. During 2012 died 42 and 49 people were born. In 5 months 2013 was born 9 and 28 people died. In the territory of village council carry out activity three Orthodox organizations and two Evangelical Christians of Baptists.


In the territory of the Village Council three agricultural production cooperatives are located: "Pussy-willow", "The ascending dawn", "Radonezhsky", Brestavtodor DEU-22 RUP branch, a site of RUP "Belavtostrada" DEU-1 branch, JSC Kobrindrev.

APO Voskhodyashchaya zarya

The agricultural production cooperative "Ascending Dawn" is the commercial organization, with non-state form of ownership (private). Accessory to the Ministry of Agriculture. A date of creation on December 6, 1949 - collective farm "Stalin constitution" with the center in of Hidra. Since June 5, 1954 there was an accession of collective farms "70 years to Stalin", "of Vasilevsky" and is named "Dawn" with the center in of Hidra. Since March 5, 1980 "Dawn" was a part of collective farm one of crews of collective farm "Soviet Belarus" - the villages of Petka and Yagolka in the territory of which the shop - a loud-speaker on cultivation of pigs, for creation of a complex on cultivation of pigs on 24 000 heads was located. With 24. 07. 2003 the collective farm "Dawn" is renamed into agricultural production cooperative "Ascending Dawn".

The number of workers for 2012 made 393 persons including occupied in agricultural production 369. From them workers - 304, employees - 65. The joint project company specializes in production of agricultural production:
- Branch of animal husbandry – production of milk, meat of pigs;
- Branch of plant growing – production of grain, sugar beet, forage crops.

Total land area of 4734 hectares., including the farmland - 4327 hectares., an arable land - 2990 hectares., haymakings and pastures - 1184 hectares. Due to optimization of lands the corn as the stablest on efficiency and to a lesser extent culture, dependent on fertility of soils, is entered into joint project company in grain group. Along with production of grain further expansion of acreage of clovers, bean cultures, corn is provided in joint project company. Quantity of dairy and commodity farms – 3, including t. Katasha on 800 heads with the milking hall "Global 45", (the second in the republic); farms on reproduction a telok – 1, shop loud-speaker and shop on sagination – for cultivation of 24 000 heads of pigs. The branch of pig-breeding gives 70% of revenue of joint project company therefore increasing production of pork – a main objective of work of board of joint project company for 2010-2015.

APO Radonezhsky

Specialization of economy meat-and-milk cattle breeding with the developed production grain and sugar beet to which share more than 50% of arable land fall. All land fund makes 2592 hectares from whom 2257 hectares or 87% of all area fall to the share of the farmland. The arable land occupies 1481 hectares that makes 66% of the area of the farmland. The area of lugopastbishchny grounds – 776 hectares, from them cultural – 723 hectares, reservoirs of 89 hectares of the area. The used grounds are provided generally drained, their area makes 1644 hectares.

The average annual number of the workers occupied in agricultural production made 136 people. For the purpose of increase of indicators of overall performance of economy, production modernization is necessary. So, current 2012, reconstruction of MTF with introduction in production of processing equipment "The automated linear milking " machine linear molokoprovod", for milking of 328 cows with the DelPro milking machine is begun. Reconstruction will be continued in 2013. It will allow to reduce material and labor inputs, to improve working conditions of workers, to improve quality of production, to increase overall performance of economy.

APO Verbnoye

APO Verbnoye is located in Kobrin district of the Brest region. The total area of joint project company makes 3 thousand 522 hectares, 2 thousand 20 hectares are occupied by an arable land. APO Verbnoye includes 15 settlements. In modern borders the cooperative exists after accession of part of lands of collective farm to it "the Soviet Belarus" in 1980. Earlier the cooperative was called as collective farm "XXI congress of CPSU", then was renamed into Belarus agricultural firm collective farm and in August, 2003 is renamed into APO Verbnoye. The central estate is in the village Sand-2 in 7 km from Kobrin. The total land area of cooperative for 01.01.2012 made 3,5 thousand hectares, including all of the farmland of 3,1 thousand hectares, of them an arable land of 2,0 thousand hectares. An assessment of all agricultural grounds 31,3 points, arable lands - 32 points. As a result of processes of soil formation in the territory of cooperative there were nine types of soils. The greatest distribution was gained by cespitose and podsolic, cespitose and podsolic gley, gley and cespitose and gley soils. On mechanical structure sandy and sandy soils which make 97% of an arable land prevail.

Nine settlements are a part of cooperative. The administrative center is located in the village Sand-2. On administrative submission of joint project company submits to regional Deraptment of Agriculture and the food of Kobrin district executive committee.

APO Verbnoye - the agricultural enterprise, the legal entity, has the isolated property, independent balance and carries out the activity according to the Charter registered by the Brest regional executive committee for No. 6104 of 30.07.2003. The economic basis of cooperative is made along with state ownership on the earth by its cooperative property. The enterprise specializes in production of milk and KRS meat, pork, young growth of KRS on complexes, and also grain (wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, a lupine, viko-oat mixes) and leguminous cultures, sugar beet, colza, vegetables of an open ground, potatoes, corn, a silo, long-term and annual herbs. In addition, render in economy services of a cargo transportation, rent of buildings, services of tractor park.

Main directions of development of cooperative:
- increasing production of agricultural production: milk, KRS meat, grain, sugar beet, forages;
- application of new technologies of cultivation of crops;
- improvement of quality of products sold to the state and on other channels;
- decrease in material and monetary costs of production of agricultural production.

The average annual number of employees of cooperative for 2011 made 184 persons, including 181 busy persons in agricultural production, of them members of cooperative of 162 people, management personnel – 19 people. In economy seven chief specialists with the higher education, other experts of 25 people, including with the higher education four persons, with an average the special 21 person.

Transport and social infrastructure

Transport - the most important component of infrastructure of any region. Through the territory of village council pass Highway M1 (Brest-Moscow), being part of European Route E30, M12 (Kobrin-granitsa of Ukraine (Mokrana); Corin Highway - Divin - border of Ukraine (Samaria). Almost all settlements of village council connect among themselves roads to a hard coating. To villages: Gadflies, Lyakhchitsa, Novosadki, Sukhovchitsa, Ushkovits, Yagolki-Road have a gravel covering.

In the territory of the Village Council two high schools, one basic school, one elementary school, three preschool institutions, and also four children's recreation camps function. Cultural institutions are presented by two rural Recreation centers, three rural clubs, eight libraries also provide to the population the services.
Healthcare institutions are presented by two out-patient clinics of the general practitioner and two health posts. Retail trade is carried out by fourteen establishments. Three catering establishments, three complex places of acceptance also treat social infrastructure.

You want to have a rest from city bustle, to feel rest, a pacification and unity with the nature, and also to have a rest soul and a body? Then welcome to the agroestate "Three Athletes" located in a pinery on the river bank Mukhavets in the village Sand-1, Kobrin district.

The agroestate is in 4 km of of Kobrin, near the route M1 E30. The total area of the estate is about 1 hectare. The recreation area includes: 2 arbors with piers at the river Mukhavets, places for a shish kebab, a bath, a garden, the nursery and the sports ground. In the territory of the agroestate there is also a big banquet room with a fireplace on 150 people (which can be also used as the hall for conferences.), kitchen, on the second floor – 5 living rooms equipped with a bathroom. In a separate lodge – a Small banquet room with a fireplace on 30 people, kitchen, a bathroom and two living rooms.
At the request of vacationers excursions can be organized.

The agroestate was built on the farm of "Karaulka" of Kobrin district. The oldest house was built here in 1895. It was the "guard" house of the watchman-buoy keeper which served and protected locks on the river Mukhavets, and in a night-time lit lamps along the river., and lit with it a way to the barges transporting freights on the river Mukhavets. Over time locks were transferred to other place of the river, and the buoy keeper's lodge – remained. Reconstruction of the old house was begun in 2000. For your comfortable stay in our estate, at your service comfortable kitchen.

Agroestate "On Zarechnaya Street"

The estate "On Zarechnaya Street" is located in the Brest Region of the Republic Belaru. In 10 km. from the city of Kobrin, on the farm, 1,5 km from the highway Brest – Moscow, on the river bank Mukhavets (30 m). The total area of 1,06 hectares, a site it is surrounded with trees from all directions instead of a fence where the great number of birds whose singing you will be able to enjoy nests.

On the estate there is an ancient lodge of 1903 of construction, two garages and the new big wooden house of mansard type which is laid over by a brick. In the top three rooms (red, yellow and blue) it is possible to place 8 – 10 people. There are two toilet rooms with modern bathroom equipment, a bathtub, a shower, and also a summer shower and two toilets on the street. In an ancient lodge there is a banquet room on 20 people, kitchen and the room for accommodation on 4 berths. The souvenir shop where masters of applied folk art are exposed is organized.

At the disposal of guests several recreation areas:
- a flower glade where you will be able to please the eye with a variety of ornamental plants, the Alpine hills, the blossoming lianas and bushes;
- the berry glade is ready to treat you with the gifts (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, wild strawberry, blueberry, currant, cherry, sweet cherry, peaches, apricots, plums, grapes);
- the tea glade invites you early in the morning, under a bird's twitter, to try curative tea on fragrant medicinal herbs, vitamin fruit liqueurs, domestic wines and liqueur tinctures on berries according to ancient recipes.
- the shashlik glade is ready for the organization of picnic with preparation of dishes on a fire, there is a brazier, a barbecue, a swing and hammocks;
- the tent town suggests to spend holidays with children in marching conditions, to catch fish and to cook a fish soup directly on a fire (there are tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, a tent and a mow). a decorative canopy where about 50 people for a meal, holding seminars, celebrations or ethnic holidays can accommodate.
- the beach is an opportunity to plunge and swim for a while, having enjoyed a cool in hot day, to drive on a catamaran, and also to gain beautiful suntan.

The owner - the civil engineer and the gardener, has the minibus for delivery of tourists, the organizations of excursions for sights of Mr. Kobrin (10 km) and Brest (40 km from the farm), and also trips around local lakes, mushroom and berry places (to a birchwood – 3 km).

The hostess – the graphic designer, has experiment on the organization of holidays with games, competitions and draws. Many years carries out New Year's masquerades, celebrations and anniversaries, is fond aroma-and phytotherapy, paints pictures oil, a pastel, etc. materials.

Estate "Flower Paradise"

There is an estate near of Kobrin. The estate includes the comfortable house which can receive about six people guests. At the disposal of tourists two rooms for rest, comfortable kitchen, and also all possible necessary conveniences including a shower cabin with a bathroom, heating, etc.

The main task of owners of the estate "Flower Ry" is a creation of a cosiness. And that can be cozier, than will settle down in a convenient chair in front of the TV, without thinking of tomorrow … it is simple to have a rest and to enjoy rest. In kitchen you will notice some elements of an interior of Soviet period, they perfectly fit into the general interior of the room, and almost as equals with modern household appliances: microwave oven, oven, refrigerator, gas stove. In kitchen it is always possible to sit well to have a rest behind sincere conversation, or will have fun with the cheerful, amicable company much. It is possible to have supper not only in kitchen, for this purpose use the covered terrace. Design objects, some of them ancient decorate a terrace, to all appearances the interior is thought over to trifles here. Near a terrace there is a brazier which can be used in the purposes. In the estate there is a remarkable bath, having accepted which, having well steamed by dry heat, it is possible to plunge into the pool what would will be cooled. Living at us, you can order food and not think of what to prepare, and just to enjoy rest. All yard of the estate is decorated a set of ornamental plants.

Near Agrousadboy four children's recreation camps are located. Also there is "Ear" - the improving center. At desire you can have a rest, and is treated in sanatorium, and to live and eat at us. Having visited our estate, you automatically receive, an opportunity will enjoy sights of Kobrin district. "Flower paradise" the most remarkable place, having visited here at least once, you will not be able to forget the cosiness and comfort presented by this place, and for certain, will surely return here to continue to have a rest as in paradise.

Historical and cultural monuments

Mass grave of the Soviet soldiers and guerrillas

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