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Ostromichsky village council

20 settlements are a part of the Village Council: of Berezno. Big Priluki, of Borki, of Zhukhovtsa. Dams, of Zosino, Ilossk. Colony, of Kolubeli, ag. Onions, of Lushchiki, of Mukhovloki, of Novosyolki, of Osovtsa, ag. Ostromich, of Plyant, of Podberye, Smolyarnya, of Temr Staraya, of Shemetovk about number of farms 1284, the population – 3 113 people.

The agrotown of "Ostromichi" is entered in 2006, the agrotown "Luksky" - in 2009. In the territory of the Village Council two economy of agro-industrial complex are located: JSC Ostromichi and KSUP "Breeding plant "Druzhba". There are also Branch "An oil pumping station "Kobrin", the Zaprudsky forest area. In the territory of the Village Council there are two high comprehensive schools, two basic schools, school of arts, kindergarten. The sphere of culture is represented by the Center of culture and leisure, two Recreation centers and one rural club. There are four rural libraries. Medical care of the population is carried out by two out-patient clinics of the general practitioner and two Fapami. Post service is provided by four offices of a mail service. Banking services are represented by JSC ASB Belarusbank. Trade service of the population of the Village Council 13 outlets, from them provide 1 manufactured goods, 1 food, 1 private, 10 TPS shops.

The Ostromichsky village council is located in northeast part of Kobrin district. Territory of the Village Council of 25060 hectares. The office building of village council is in 9 km from the city of Kobrin on Kobrin Route - Columns in the village Ostromichi. Borders on Bukhovichsky, Zalessky, Gorodetsky's territory the Village Councils of Kobrin district, Malechsky of Berezovsky of the area, Oranchitsky of Pruzhansky district, Detkovichsky of Drogichinsky district.

Emergence history

Rural Council begins the history in 1945 as Krasnolessky village council, later it will be Zhukhovetsky village council, and the present name will receive only in 1954. During temporary German occupation village councils did not work. After release of the territory from fascist aggressors, in July, 1944 village councils resumed the work. Romanyuk Vladimr Gerasimovich was the chairman of Zhukhovetsky village council, Vakulchik Pyotr Danilovich was the chairman of Krasnolessky village council.

For these years chairmen of Ostromichky village council were Barilyuk A.V., Gurin P.G., Gil V.P., Palchuk A.P., Palchuk V.P. Responsible work of the secretary of village council was performed: Nichiporuk Maria Matveevna, Zhigarevich Maria Fiodorovna, Dashchuk Valentina Ivanovna. Today the Ostromichsky village council is headed by Pushko Sergey Petrovich, and work of the secretary is performed by Levchuk Marina Vasilyevna.

For post-war years life of inhabitants of the Village Council considerably changed. Villages are built up anew. Selena farm farms. All settlements are electrified, houses are installed radio. The central estates are installed gas by natural gas. Almost in each house there is a TV, the washing machine, the refrigerator and other household appliances.

All social standards on service of the population in the territory of the Village Council are carried out in full. Information on the principle "One window" with the indication of the list of the rendered services is provided in the Village Council and a selyispolkoma. Notarial actions are made. For the successful solution of tasks of strengthening of legality and a law and order, the prevention of offenses, and also rendering assistance to law-enforcement bodies in protection of a public order in the territory of the Village Council public point of protection of an order is created. Now in structure of village council of deputies 15 deputies are elected.

Environment and resources

In the geological relation is in east part of the Brest hollow. In formation of a relief the big role was played by thawed snow of glaciers, in particular a Dnieper freezing (350-280 million l.t.n.). The territory relief of the Village Council generally represents the flat plain with a small bias on the northeast.
From minerals of the territory of village council we can call deposits of brown coal near the village of Podberye, and also gravel and sand.

The climate is moderate and continental, unstable, with warm summer and in the relative soft winter. Average temperature of January – 4,7 degrees, July of +18,6 degrees. An average annual amount of precipitation – 530 mm a year. Humidity of air can fluctuate from 40 to 90%. Winds of the western transfer prevail. Average speed of wind of 3,5 meters for about a second. The climate is quite favorable for life and activity of people, dwelling of many representatives of flora and fauna. Autumn and spring frosts, droughts belong to the adverse parties of climate uneven distribution of snow across the territory in the winter.

Across the territory of village council the river Mukhavets, the right inflow of the Western Bug flows. Mucha and the channel Vets about the city of Pruzhana begins from merge of a stream. Length - 113 km. Valley width on average a current – 400-600 m the floodplain bilateral, places is boggy. Coast are low. The bed of the river which is the share of the territory of village council in the transport purposes is not used.

The soil cover is presented by cespitose and carbonate gley and cespitose and gley soils. Peat and marsh soils meet. On mechanical structure loams prevail.

Physiographic situation was reflected in all complexes of the nature. The nature of the territory of the Village Council is very picturesque and various years at all times. In the territory the mixed woods and coniferous forest plantations prevail. Strict pines are allocated against light greens of deciduous breeds. From trees meet: linden, oak, elm, alder, maple, willow, aspen, birch, pine, fir-tree. Under trees the magnificent carpet from a moss and various herbs is spread. The grassy cover from the pro-forester, zvezdchatka, several types of a fern, sedge, representatives of family slozhnotsvetny, cereal, lileyny, umbrella, gubotsvetny is well developed in our district also.

Also the fauna is very various. The most noticeable group of fauna in settlements are birds. Today about 32 bird species nest in our area: forty, ordinary starling, turtle-dove. The most numerous group sparrow that is caused by various conditions of the wood and abundance of a forage. Some birds fly to us on wintering, first of all it is bullfinches. It is possible to notice also birds of prey.

The bulk of mammals is made by mouse-like rodents, the gray vole and mice. From predatory mammals the fox, a polecat, a marten meet. Representatives of group of Amphibia and reptiles live. Big variety of insects.


Population of Ostromichsky village council of 3113 people for January 1, 2013. For January 1, 2012 in the territory of the Village Council 3192 persons lived. The analysis of a demographic situation for 2012 showed that in general on village council natural losses of the population on 79 people are observed.

In gender and age structure the female population – 1641, the man's population – prevails 1459. More young than working-age 510 people, able-bodied - 1708 people live, is more senior able-bodied – 882 persons.

National structure of the population of Ostromichsky village council: Russians – 160 people, Ukrainians – 307 people, Belarusians - 2514 people, Georgians – 1 person, azerbayzhanets – 1 person, Lithuanians – 4 people, Moldavians – the person, Latvians - 1 person, Tajiks – 9 people, mordovina – the person, Tatars – 3 people, Roma – 6 people, Germans – 18 people, rolyak – 16 people and others – 29 people.


List of farms of Ostromichsky village council: JSC Ostromichi, ag. KSUP Ostromich "Breeding plant "Druzhba", ag. Onions Farm of "Levchuk R. M.", of Osovtsa Farm "Scarlet", of Osovtsa Farm "Fomich's Heritage", of Osovtsa Farm "Ovseychuk", Ostromichi Farm of "Yagut". Dams of ChSUP "Mazovets". Dams.

KSUP "Breeding plant "Druzhba", Luk's agrotown

On April 22, 1969 in. Luka Kobrinskogo of the area was created state farm "Friendship" on the basis of the drained lands of the massif of the Polish bog. Were transferred to structure of state farm the earth of state fund of state farm "Progress" and "Beryozovsky" of Beryozovsky district, state farm "Linovsky" and collective farm of Chapayev of Pruzhansky district.

In 1973 "Friendship" united with state farm crew of. Old Temra of collective farm of F. Engels Drogitschinskogo of the area.
In 1978 according to the Resolution of the Central Committee of CPSU and Council of ministers of USSR of May 2S, 1978 No. 494 "About measures for further improvement of breeding matter in animal husbandry" the state farm "Friendship" is renamed into "the Stock-farm "Friendship", and since 2000 by RUSP "Breeding plant "Druzhba".

Now this large agricultural enterprise in which the total area of the farmland makes - 5598 hectares including an arable land - 2770 hectares, haymakings and pastures make - 2008 hectares. The state farm specializes in cultivation of breeding animals. In 2012 the number of KRS makes 2838 heads, of them - 1412 heads of a cow, Pigs - 398 heads, Production of meat - 353 tons per year, Milk - 3422 tons per year, Grains - 3943 tons, Productivity - 23,5 c/hectare

The main direction of a production activity of economy - meat-and-milk with cultivation of breeding young growth of cattle. The main herd of a stud farm is presented by black and motley breed, to the sharola, limousines and exchanges Anjou. The state farm enables the realization of the production all the year round.

Specialization of economy in cultivation of krupnorogaty cattle of KSUP "Breeding plant "Druzhba". The farm of Mikhail Mikhaylovich Levchuk was organized in 1998. Originally the fatherly estate in the village Ostromichi was a basis. Mikhail Mikhaylovich's mother became the good adviser in agriculture, and two sons Pyotr and Radislav became direct assistants. Levchuk's economy receive quite good harvests of cabbage, potatoes, sugar and table beet. Mikhail Mikhaylovich goes in also for animal husbandry, namely, tries sheep breeding. Today at Levchukov about 80 hectares of the earth. Economy one of the best in the area. The garden is put, there are plans for cultivation of horse-radish. It is started in business and a pond where three species of a carp grow.

Gurin Anatoly Petrovich is the owner of land, the Ostromichsky innovator, vegetable the master and all this put the small list of ranks with which allocate our fellow countryman. The first garden season at Anatoly Petrovich's family began 1994 with construction of the greenhouse and cultivation of tomatoes. The increased success – was the second culture early potatoes. In the late nineties the land plot Gurinykh extended to 1 hectare where appeared a color and white cabbage. In 2003 6 more hectares of the earth were leased. In assortment rye, mustard, onions appeared. A special page of history of managing of the vegetable grower Gurin is cultivation melon. In 2005 the harvest of water-melons made 7 tons, on average they weighed on 6-7 kg, but were more. In 17 years of managing the family Gurinykh expanded the processed plot to 8 hectares. On fields eggplants and sweet pepper appeared. Gurina grow up annually up to 150 tons of vegetables.

Transport and social infrastructure

Transport – the most important component of infrastructure of any settlement. Now the transport infrastructure of Ostromichsky village council dynamically develops. The transport complex of the territory of the Village Council includes automobile and pipeline means of transport. Across the territory there passes Highway M1 (Brest – Moscow) which is part of European Route E30 and also republican Road P2 (part of the old road Brest – Moscow from Columns to Kobrin. Road P2 extent across the territory of village council makes 22 km. Through the territory also there passes the Friendship oil pipeline and lines of the gas pipeline.

Grocery store, Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Zhukhovtsa, TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Osovtsa TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Plyant TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO. Dams TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Shemetovk TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, Ilossk TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Zosino TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, of Berezno TPS shop of Kobrinskoye RAYPO, ag. Onions grocery store, IP Ostapuk, ag. Onions

In the territory of Ostromichsky village council 4 public institutions of education are located:

GUO "Ostromichsky High School"

The first mention of school in the village Ostromichi belongs to 1912. Till 1939 teaching all objects at Ostromichsky school was conducted in Polish. After reunion of the Western and East Belarus in the village the new schoolhouse where children from near the lying villages were trained was built. During the Great Patriotic War the school was burned. In 1946 elementary school opened. It settled down in the private house and consisted of two cool rooms and a teacher's room. In each office two classes. Shokun Stepanida Stepanovna and Borisyuk Daniil Iosifivich were the first teachers. To 1973 under the room schools the new building was sent. From now on the school receives the status of eight-year-old. Avityuk Vladimir Petrovich is appointed the director. In November, 1984 construction of new high school began, and on August 30, 1985 the school opened the doors before 306 pupils. It was the special school for selskijkh children – huge, light, spacious, - while away all waited with hope and pleasure. The most large number of school students fell on the middle of the 90th years. In 25 years the school gave a start in life to 553 pupils.

GUO "Luksky High School"

Till 1975 in the territory of RUSP "Breeding plant "Druzhba" elementary school at which there were 27 pupils of 1-3 classes was placed. Other children of school age from. Luka and of Zosino attended school in of Shemetovk, located in 8 kilometers from. Onions. The decision of Kobrin district executive committee it was planned to construct eight-year school in. Luk who was the central estate of the state farm "Friendship" created in 1968 by then. It was planned that the school will be attended by children from of Zosino located in 3 kilometers from. Onions and from of St. Temra and Novosyolki. The new school accepted children of school age in 1975. Now the school is attended by children from 2 villages:. Onions, and of Zosino. In 2011-2012 academic year the school is visited by 79 pupils.

GUO Shemetovsky basic school"

In 1947 in Shemetovka is open seven-year school. The first release – 22 persons. In 1963 the Shemetovsky seven-year school is transformed to eight-year-old. Since 1967 functions as high school. In 2012 the school celebrated the 65-year anniversary. The number of graduates during training from 1947 to 2012 - 1395 people. 11 graduates are awarded by medals (9 - silver, 2 - gold). From them 120 teachers and tutors of kindergartens, 57 health workers, 158 people have the higher education on such specialties as the engineer, the agronomist, the economist. All graduates with the higher education 422 persons, 12 people connected the life with the sea, 98 people – workers of services industry. Now at school 34 pupils in 9 classes sets are trained. The residential district of Shemetovsky BSh includes 7 villages. Now children of their 3 villages attend school. Studies are organized in the mode of 5-day educational week and 6-day working week for pupils of 1-9 classes.

GUO "Zaprudsky Basic School"

The school opened in 1944, it was placed in the adapted building of the pansky estate. It was elementary school with four years' training. The first director – Zakrevskaya Anna Petrovna. Since 1947 the school was transformed to seven-year-old. Since 1959 the school became eight-year-old, and now is basic school.

Historical and cultural monuments

Sacral stone in of Berezno

Memorial complex to the died fellow countrymen in the Second World War

Church for the sake of the Saint apostle and Luke the Evangelist

Monument to the victims of fascism

Park in the village of Shemetovka

Contact information

Chairman: +375 (1642) 9-82-35
Secretary: +375 (1642)  9-82-36

Postal index: 225889

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