Occupational mode

In occupied territories Hitlerites aspired by the most severe terror to suppress any ability to resistance at the population, to break people morally and psychologically. "the new order" which sense was a destruction of locals was for this purpose established. Robberies, violence, torture and murder were built in norm by Hitlerite soldiers and officers. Fruits of these "innovations" did not keep themselves waiting.

From the first days of occupation of Kobrin among the population ominous popularity was gained by so-called "slope" from turn of Pinskoye Highway at rise on the bridge via the Dnepro-Bugsky channel. For intimidation of citizens the Hitlerite military commandant's office chose this place for executions which were carried out here literally in the face of the passersby captured by horror. During a row of months hundreds kobrinchan were brutally exterminated at a terrible slope which name became nominal for citizens.

Terrible losses were put to Kobrin's population by the genocide which is carried out by fascist invaders, especially concerning the Jewish part of the population. After the entry of the German troops into Kobrin all Jews were moved from the downtown on specially allotted territories – a ghetto, having divided all people into two groups. The first group was made by those who had a profession. They were placed in a ghetto "And". Not having specialties appeared in a ghetto of "B".

In the summer 1942 all inhabitants of a ghetto of "B" (more than 1800 people) were shipped in commodity cars and taken out on railway station the mountain Bronnaya and there are destroyed.

Late fall 1942 the crime, terrible on the scales, was committed on the southern suburb of Kobrin. Here from bullets of fascists more than 4,5 thousand Kobrin Jews from a ghetto died "And". On this place in post-war years the monument to the dead is established.

Hitlerites in our area carried out 65 retaliatory expeditions. 8 villages of Kobrin district were comprehended by a fate of Khatyn: Borisovk, Novoselki, Luka, Kamenka, Recyca, Borki, Eagle, Cherevachitsa. For the entire period of occupation total number shot, tortured, burned alive in Kobrin and the area makes about 13 thousand people.

Occupational mode / sost. E.V. Babenko//Seven centuries of Kobrin: short guide to military historically museum of name A.V. Suvorova. – Brest: Joint stock company "Brest printing house, 2004. – Page 20 - 21. The occupational mode in Kobrin district in days of the Great Patriotic War. 

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