First days of the Great Patriotic War

The German military vehicle, without having satisfied with capture of almost all Western Europe, decided to carry out aggression in east direction, having broken thereby all contracts signed with the Soviet state. And Belarus became the first on the way of a main blow of conquerors.

The first blows of fascist aircraft were accepted by the Brest fortress. At dawn on June 22, 1941 on peacefully sleeping Kobrin fascist bombs collapsed. The direct hit of an air bomb destroyed the staff 4 armies which was settling down in the territory of the Kobrin military camp.

On the eve of bombardment, at night on June 22, 123 destructive aviation regiment which was based on Kobrin airfield by order of the commander major B. N. Surin disguised the fighters I-153 ("seagull") and dispersed the new YAK--1 planes which development only began. Surin ordered to give from a warehouse ammunition for arms of planes and to bring their quantity to a necessary maximum in a fighting situation. Under its order engines of fighting vehicles were heated-up. Thanks to these actions under firing of enemy aircraft about 30 "seagulls" could rise in air.

The enemy came groups till 20-60 of planes. Fascist "yunkersa" were replaced by attack planes of Me-110 and the fighters Me-109. And still in this incredibly heavy situation "seagulls" managed to adjust peculiar "conveyor": take-off - air fight - landing - and again a departure in fight. And so from four in the morning till one o'clock in the afternoon.

For the second day of war, on June 23, under blows of aircraft, two tank, one motorized and several infantry divisions of the 12th army case of Germans, the 22nd tank division and the 28th shooting case suffered heavy losses and began retreat to Kobrin. In heavy fighting on approaches to the city the Soviet fighters and commanders showed exclusive heroism. At midday bombing attacks of fascists fell upon arrangements of these troops twice. Encounter tank action inflamed. Without stopping command of fight from the operating tank, near. A name-day the commander of the 22nd tank division major general Puganov V.P. died. Crews of tanks after the termination of shells rammed fascist tanks. Shooters continued to hold with firmness the fort.

About 19 hours the opponent tightened tank divisions 24 of the motorized case to the river and with strong support of aircraft once again attacked the Soviet positions. Exhausted by heavy fights, at an acute shortage of shells, antiaircraft means, anti-tank artillery of army of the 4th army by the end of day did not bear blow and were forced to depart to Gorodtsu.

By the evening on June 23, 1941 the German troops entered the city. The most tragic period in the history of Kobrin began. About the first two days of war tell the exhibits collected on particles during the post-war period. These are photos of direct participants and heroes of the first fights. Images of the fighters I-153 and YAK--1 which were based on Kobrin airfield allow to gain an impression about the military equipment which accepted battle in the first day of war.

About with what soldiers of Wehrmacht appeared before Kobrin inhabitants, tell the exhibits located on a podium. These regimentals of soldiers and officers, shoulder straps and signs of distinction of ground and naval forces, weapon and equipment of the German army.

First days of the Great Patriotic War / sost. E.V. Babenko//Seven centuries of Kobrin: short guide to military historically museum of name A.V. Suvorova. – Brest: Joint stock company "Brest printing house, 2004. – Page 18-19.

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