Arseny Ivanovich Morozov    

In July, 1944 planes of an aviaregiment in which the senior lieutenant Arseny Morozov served appeared in the sky of the Brest region and Kobrin. Then our troops, exempting Belarus from fascists, came to frontier. Planes of this regiment, according to the major reserve officer E. Zharkov, had difference: on fuselages awards of the Red banner, on cabins of planes the asterisks designating the number of the shot-down planes reddened too. At their lieutenant Morozov was most to a regiment.

With an ulterior motive he headed group, it was entrusted to them to clear the sky of fascist fighters. A fight result - 2 brought-down messer. On July 16 Morozov again in air fight between Kobrin and Brest. "Mesira" appeared unexpectedly. 2 planes were visible, and the 3rd came up from clouds. They attacked Morozov at the left, on the right, from the back, but unsuccessfully. Morozov did not tremble, he continued "roundabout". Turn to the right, to the left. And here in an aim frame "messer". Morozov allowed it to approach closer. Shots - and "Messer" filled with smoke, went down, the second, 3rd failed then decided to be removed.

On July 20, 1944 he received a task of the front to make air reconnaissance in the area. Morozov quickly established places of a congestion of the opponent, his defensive works. The task is performed, the intelligence data is told on a handheld transceiver. It is possible and come back. And it, and the workmate headed for airfield. And suddenly Morozov saw below a column of the German cars, reported a situation, got permission to attack. Many cars and soldiers did not get, then fascists. In the childhood Morozov dreamed to become a pilot. In 1940 the volunteer went to Bataysk school of military pilots. Then, without having finished it, achieved the and went the fighter pilot to the front. Began and will finish the way it as a part of an aviaregiment, received the name of "Pomeranian".

E.Zharkov (memoirs find him in Suvorov's museum) wrote about the fighting friend that Morozov one of the best pilots not only a regiment, a division, but also the case. It was known in staffs of army and the front, trusted the most responsible tasks. He was a favourite of a regiment, division, the sincere person, the fearless commander and the pilot.

In this regiment of Frosts there passed the way from the ordinary pilot to the deputy commander of a squadron, battling in fights on the Southern, Western, and Belarusian fronts. Made 271 fighting departures, shot down 23 German planes, destroyed them in airfields much.

The last and heavy fight of Morozov was on July 27 in the sky of the Brest region. It was not the first unequal fight. Its plane was surrounded. Morozov could leave, but accepted battle, the plane of the enemy beat and itself it was seriously injured. Despite a heavy wound (according to Zharkov), he found forces and put the plane in the field of "on a stomach" without chassis.

And when people ran up, Morozov was already dead. On February 23, 1945 to it the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously was given. His nice name is forever entered in lists of one of aviaparts. In Kalinin regional museum of local lore one of corners is devoted to Morozov. Turns on itself attention of a photo. Morozov the eyes full of will and courage looks from it.

Fellow countrymen sacredly revere memory of the hero - the fellow countryman. In the Turgenev area there is a collective farm of his name (in Kalinin area) in the peasant's family in 1922. The hero in Kobrin is buried. The square and one of streets are called by the name of Morozov.

From the biography. The member of CPSU since 1943. Graduated from 7 classes and from FZU school, worked as the mechanic at factory in Kalinin; in the Soviet Army since 1940. In 1941 graduated from Bataysk military aviation school of pilots. On the Second World War fronts since October, 1941.


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