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Construction sand

Sand - sedimentary rock and the natural material consisting of grains of rocks. Very often consists of almost pure mineral of quartz (substance - silicon dioxide). Sand are characterized by grain structure - the fineness module (large, average, small and very small). Sand to construction works with a size of grains of 0,14 - 5 mm is applied in solutions and concrete. In sand there should not be littering impurity.

For preparation of solutions sand with the module of fineness less than 1,5 is used, for concrete preparation - coarse or average sands are not lower than the module 2. For light concrete use sand from expanded clay, a shungizit, pumice, an agloporit, etc. Density Is defined by the body weight relation to the occupied volume, including the emptiness which are available in it and a time. This size in kg/m3 is expressed.

Distinguish true and bulk density. The true density of sand is a limit of the relation of weight to volume when volume is pulled together to a point in which density of a body or substance without the emptiness and a time which are available in them is defined. The bulk density of sand is the relation of mass of granular materials to everything occupied or to volume, including spaces between particles.

Kinds of construction sand. Career - got in career. In turn can be large-kerneled, fine-grained and the average size of grains. Contains many impurity therefore it is applied in cases when it is not shown to composition of this bulk of special requirements, for example, for creation of a sandy pillow under the base or a paving. Quality of sand construction, got in the career way can improve by washing – such processing clears of impurity and clay, deletes large particles. Fine-grained sand construction without impurity is applied more often to plaster works, coarse-grained – to production of concrete products and concrete.

River sand construction has density smaller, than career due to the lack of clay impurity. The difference can make to half tones on cubic meter. On average density in CBM about 1,3 t. Is on sale in bags in need of acquisition of small volume, or in bulk in cargo cars dump trucks.

Sand river. River sand is the bulk extracted from a bottom of the rivers, applied in construction and to plaster works, and also at a construction of roads.

Difference of sand river – lack of clay impurity in it which existence is undesirable for performance of some types of works thanks to this property perfectly approaches at a construction of roads, and in any sphere of construction. As a rule, sand river have small and average granularity and are applied to production of solutions for finishing.

Large-kerneled sand river is applied in a bricklaying, its use allows to reduce a cement consumption thanks to good coupling with the last. For partial plastering of walls is on sale in bags, packaged usually on 50 kg.

Sand career. Career sand is the loose breed got in career containing impurity of clay or minerals. Coarse-grained sand the career, having diverse structure, is used in road construction, for base works (production of concrete, creation of sandy "pillow"). Sand career are purified of clay and impurity at production in their hydromechanical way from the flooded layers.

Quality of alluvial sand career higher that provides fine communication with cement. Use of sand career sifted or alluvial – the plaster solutions possessing good coupling with surfaces. Leaves that a scope at career sand, same as well as at river, but the price is cheaper!

Sand quartz. Quartz sand is a bulk. Extraction of sand quartz can be made from a bottom of the rivers or be carried out by the person by quartz crushing. It is applied to sanding works, in glass production, to finishing works, by production of finishing materials, and also in filters for water purification in pools, etc. Depending on fraction it is applied in various purposes. Each brand of sand possesses the characteristics, sand quartz GOST 22551-77 is used for production of glue, hard putties, porcelain, faience, glass of different function.

In Kobrin district of 6 fields, including Woman's mountain, Curve mountain, Nestribusha, Tevli II, Turn, Winter roads.


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