Kobrin district: Minerals


Peat — the rotted-through soil formed as a result of natural dying off and decomposition of vegetation (a moss, sedge and reed plants) in soils with the increased humidity in the marshland. It is a product — primary carbon disintegration. Distinguish two types of such soil — low-lying and riding peat. The peat bedding layer, the higher in it the content of carbon is lower.

In riding peat there are no seeds of weeds, there are no wreckers and microbes that does its application very favorable to greenhouses or hotbeds. Peat interferes with penetration into the soil of heavy metals and neutralizes various chemicals which contain in fertilizers of an artificial origin. It can be also used as a laying in places where pets or a bird as promotes prevention of various diseases of animals contain and purifies air.

This natural material contains vegetable fibers which promote improvement of a water-air condition of the soil, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, and also the humic acids capable to activate growth of plants. Peat as fertilizer is applied to enrichment of the soil and to stimulation of growth of plants. If to compare it to other organic substances, peat has much smaller aggression, therefore, peat should be bought if you care for ecological purity of vegetables and fruit which you grow up on a personal plot or in a farm. The set of the companies when there is a need peat to buy is engaged in sale of peat today, it is worth choosing the most reliable supplier with competitive prices of material.

In Kobrin district of 35 fields, including Polish, Fir-tree, Big wood, etc. with a total area of 66.3 hectares.


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