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Short description. Not moral look. In Belarus the only representative of a sort. The body is covered with 12 guards with 17 — 19 pairs of legs. Length of a body is 5 — 17 mm, width is 2,5 — 8 mm, a coloring from light-to dark brown. On tergita, except for the first and the last, on 4 light spots.

Distribution. European look, most vost. which point of stay are the death woods of vicinities of Kiev. Meets in yuzh. and zap. parts of Belarus [1 — 5]. It is met only in 2 areas of the republic.

Habitats. Lives in brown forest soils and gives preference to more damp woods, oak groves, chernoolshanik, difficult fir groves. Meets in a laying, mouldering stubs, in the soil up to the depth of 20 cm.

Biology. It is studied insufficiently. Willingly eats various fossils: fallen leaves of a hornbeam, an oak, birch, an aspen, the decayed wood and a dung of deer. Lays eggs in cracks of the soil and bark of trees.

Number and tendencies of its change. In separate biogeocenoses number reaches 39 — 96 pieces/sq.m [1 — 5]. It is sometimes rather high, but strongly decreases.

Major factors of threat. Economic development of sites of brown forest soils.

Protection measures. The look is included in the 2nd edition of the Red List of Republic of Belarus (the II category). Is in Bialowieza Forest under protection of the reserved mode.

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Originator Hotko E.I.