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Sacred and Lukinsky church

* Sacred and Lukinsky church

We continue travel on shrines of our Kobrin district. Last time we visited Sacred and Troitsk Kozishchensky church. After a release of article to edition many words of gratitude arrived. Inspired with your support, we went to a way again. This time to Luk's village that settled down in 30 kilometers from the downtown. Than there lives the belief orthodox?

… In foggy morning the temple silhouette, and here before us – Sacred and Lukinsky church appeared. Church service began, and we hurried to join a prayer of parishioners. It seemed that even the clicks of a lock of the camera which suddenly rushed into the temple not in forces to disturb this trembling reverential spirit. And the way of inhabitants of Luka to the temple was and is long and difficult.

According to old residents of the village, several hundreds years ago the church in Luka nevertheless was. Yes to remember about it and very few people can confirm. Generation behind generation grew and only some were brought up already out of the temple, overcoming difficulties, paved the way, looking for the nearest church in the neighboring villages.

- I am connected with this place very close, – the parishioner Zoya Bykovich remembers. – Was born in the neighboring village of Zosino, and here from Luka my husband. The temple was not here therefore who went to Detkovichi of Drogichinsky district, who to Revyatichi. My mother sang 16 years on a choir in Malech.

In 1994 residents of the village had a hope for the, Lukinsky temple. And on June 2, 1999 the archbishop Konstantin put the first stone in a subfoundation of the new temple and consecrated a site in honor of the Saint blessed prince Alexander Nevsky. Huge work on preparation of construction was undertaken by the director of a stud farm of that time "Friendship" Alexander Yurenya. Various support was given also by the deputy of the House of Representatives of National assembly of Republic of Belarus Victor Kuchinsky.

So it developed that after a while construction of the temple was suspended, and it was resumed only in 2004 when the priest to arrival directed Vladimir Matskevich. Thanks to financial and technical support of the director of a stud farm Ivan Kuzhko and the director of JSC Kobrin Creamery Vera Slepukhina, and also enthusiasm of future parishioners work on further construction of church "began to boil".

- The temple was under construction in the eyes, work was done by the whole world, – Raisa Petrukovich, the director of GUO "Luksky SSh" remembers. – The question of the temporary room where church services began to be carried out was in a short space of time solved. All parishioners perfectly understood what funds for construction is required much and what depends on our joint efforts how soon the temple will crown domes.

It is finally constructed and consecrated (already by the Bishop of Brest and Kobrin Ioann) it was on October 31, 2007. - For us, parishioners, it was the happiest day in life. What we waited long and diligent for came true, – Raisa Semyonovna shares with us.

Behind difficult years of construction, reminiscence of the experienced difficulties and pleasures. - And once the construction woods fell in the temple, – the parishioner Raisa Davidovich remembers. – They fall on the person, and we stand, all have a silence. Then the parishioner had no scratch!

Remember how money all village was raised as temporarily church services in the cold building of KBO were carried out as the fence around church was painted. And all this with the father Vladimir. It was hard to leave the father. In 2011 it was directed to other arrival.

- There is such expression that when we come to God, He carries us on hands, and then releases on legs that further independently went, – Zoya Bykovich tells us. – And the father Vladimir "carried" us on hands. As to the first teacher, we very much got used to him.

And here the threshold of the temple was crossed by the new prior – Valery Rogovoy. - Having met him, we then decided all to go together on life. Each other helping with everything, supporting in word and deed, – Raisa Petrukovich continues. – And was. But in a year to us there arrived the new pastor – young and vigorous Alexander Yasyuchenya. And on December 26, 2013 we already met our present father – Oleg Legan. The temple became for us a home. Our parishioners with big love and awe treat this sacred place which from far away is seen domes, attracting with warmth and a cosiness. Every year more and more parishioners find the way to truth.

The father Oleg who arrived to Kobrin district from Molodechno had the way to Lukinsky church also. The civil engineer with a 27-year experience dreamed to serve at least once at the God's throne. Everything occurred immediately. When it arrived to Brest to the lord Ioann, he was imposed and sent to this temple.

- In September of last year I did not know that on October 27 I will be imposed. The Lord took by hand, and I could make nothing with it any more, – the father shares with us. He also told us about feature of Lukinsky church. Here not one patron, and at once two.

- Initially the temple was planned to be consecrated in honor of the Saint blessed prince Alexander Nevsky, – the father Oleg tells. – Consecration of the temple in honor of the apostle and Luke the Evangelist was accepted the lord Ioann at the last minute. Perhaps, it was promoted by the name of the settlement – Onions, and also the fact that on the architectural concept the temple is built in apostolic type: in the middle the dome is Lord Jesus, and four domes on the parties are 4 apostles-evangelists. But we think also of Saint Luka especially much, and of blessed Alexander Nevsky.

In spite of the fact that the long-awaited temple appeared, the church did not become native arrival for many villagers yet. As the father told, among parishioners there are constants, and is also to "zakhozhena", there are those which come to the temple for ritual reasons, and many do not go to the temple at all, even the heads in its party do not turn. Painfully "hardy" were ceremonies and superstitions absorbed long years. And the prayer in the temple has a greater effect.

- There was a case – gave a note about one patient. It had a huge tumor, and he only endured difficult operation after which doctors even for the next year could not give any forecasts, – Oleg Legan remembers. – In the temple we prayed for it. After a cathedral prayer to evening of the same day he started talking. A cathedral prayer – very strong. It is such column which comes from the temple directly on heaven. It is difficult to overestimate importance of a prayer.

Perhaps, the special grace of the temple was felt even by bees. The father Oleg told an amusing story how annually, in May, to the temple the huge swarm of bees flies. They spend the night in church, and in the morning, with sunrise, depart.

Except the main church services, on Fridays reading the acathist to the Virgin's icon was fallen in love to parishioners. As the father speaks, Bolshevist expansion departed, passed also uplift. Now it is necessary to pray, and much heavier to pray. Here it is necessary to apply work, and this work is big.

- I arrived to Luka to the daughter in 2007, since then I do not miss any church service. Both in the evening, and in the morning always in the temple, – 87-year-old Olga Poleshchuk, the most senior parishioner says. – I ikonostasik have houses. I read much, I always try to pray diligent. As tears will pour down from eyes, so prayed correctly.

Olga Poleshchuk goes to good weather straight, in bad – the road. And all this, leaning on two sticks. Gradually it overcomes 16 steps to the temple again and again, finding forces and health. Is not afraid distances and Zoya Bykovich's family from Baranovichi. Together with the husband and the son they began to revive the mother's house and almost in Sunday, and even more often come from the city to Luka.

- I fly here as on wings, – Zoya Alekseevna says. – The father tries to appeal to soul of everyone, and souls of parishioners reveal. The temple is filled with new faces. I have a wide pilgrim experience, but as pray here on a prayer – I saw in few places … The soul rejoices when you see such boring.

- At us was teachers much, and everyone introduced something, – the parishioner Anna Lisyuk shares reflections. – Very many do not go to church yet. It is possible to bring into the temple on once, but so that the person votserkovitsya, – it is necessary time. And I think that at our diligent prayer it surely will occur.

From foundation of the temple the foundation of sunday school for children was laid. Here and during our conversation slowly to the shelf of young parishioners arrived. The father is sure that any arrival of the child to the temple is always the benefit, such arrival will never be in vain. A faithful companion on life and in the temple for the father Oleg is his spouse – the mother Larisa. The musician by training, it with children prepares for Christmas performance now.

- The most important that the person had a desire, the God's appeal, – the mother says. – That the soul was eager to come to God, to pray. And the belief that was. Belief, hope and love. Anastasia Ptushko is 13 years old, she attends sunday school not the first year. The girl noticed that she began to understand more parents, to care for the family, became kinder. It would like that also her schoolmates came to the temple.

Sacred and Lukinsky church it is visible from far away. On once desert place the source of a consolation and pleasure was born works and efforts of people. Can enjoy from it everyone. The way to this source temple is thorny, but, having felt its reviver, understand that the more difficult, the more with pleasure and dolgozhdanny there is such meeting …

Author of material and photo: Irina Lesik




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